Slowboy x Baracuta

Baracuta is back again with the iconic Mister Slowboy. We are buzzing to announce our latest partnership with the legend himself for our Spring-Summer 2024 collection. This partnership marks a continuation of our killer creative alliance, bringing together Mister Slowboy's unique illustrations and Baracuta's esteemed heritage to present a slick range of exclusive merchandise.

Mister Slowboy worked closely with Baracuta in the past where he injected vibrancy into Baracuta's iconic G9 Harrington Jacket and various other items with his artistic flair. Building upon this success, we've brought Mister Slowboy back so his distinctive illustrations could take centre stage in the SS24 collection, highlighting his meticulous attention to detail and shared vision with Baracuta.

Mister Slowboy, also known as Fei Wang, brings years of experience and a passion for creativity to this project. With an impressive background in advertising and fashion illustration, his illustrious career includes serving as the former Head of Art and Creative Director at Ogilvy One Beijing for 11 years, earning global recognition and prestigious accolades.

Trained at Singapore's Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and London's Camberwell College of Arts, Mister Slowboy's artistic journey reflects a deep-rooted dedication to his craft. His involvement in this project with Baracuta signifies our commitment to creativity and innovation, pushing boundaries in the world of fashion.

Slowboy's captivating illustrations can be found on a selection of exclusive merchandise tailored for Baracuta People. From t-shirts to crew necks, notebooks, and tote bags, each item becomes a wearable work of art.

The Slowboy x Baracuta Collection:

Crew Necks: The Arlington and Colourman Crew Necks are crafted from the cosiest materials, these thick crew neck jumpers feature illustrations by Mister Slowboy, depicting iconic Baracuta pieces.

T-Shirts: The Arlington and Colourman T-shirts are made from 100% cotton, these tees feature Mister Slowboy's illustrations, making them ideal for the season.

Notebooks: Embrace creativity on the go with our Holborn, Knitwear, and Victoria Notebooks, each featuring hand-drawn illustrations by Mister Slowboy.

Tote Bags: Combining fashion and practicality, our Holborn, Knitwear, and Victoria Tote Bags feature Mister Slowboy's illustrations, showcasing Baracuta's iconic designs while being an everyday essential for all your bits and bobs.

The SS24 collection embodies Baracuta's legacy of craftsmanship and style, enhanced by Mister Slowboy's artistic vision. Together, we aim to create an immersive and inspiring experience for fashion enthusiasts worldwide, bridging the gap between art and fashion with our distinctive project.

Explore the SS24 collection and discover the fusion of art, style and commodity brought to life by Mister Slowboy and Baracuta.